WBHS Blazer Ceremony 2018A Sense of belonging: Through our House and Tutor system we recognise the need of all boys to belong to a group. Many activities are offered to ensure that our boys develop a sense of teamwork and respect, pride in their school, their uniform, their history, and one another.

Brothers in an Endless Chain - words drawn from our school song are more than a tag line in Wynberg communications, the phrase encapsulates the feeling of family and belonging at the heart of our pastoral system. It is this brotherhood that a new boy encounters immediately on arrival at Wynberg Boys’ High when being introduced to his Wynberg Buddy - a matric in the same house whose role is to be there for the Grade 8 and help him in any way possible, while instilling in him our Wynberg Brand, helping him find his feet, and showing him the Wynberg Way.

“For a Grade 8 to have a matric who is there only for him is hugely comforting and welcoming. The matric, in a sense, initiates the Grade 8 into the school and shows him how a Wynberg Man should act and how Wynberg Men help each other as much as they can.” - Daryn Bright, Matric 2016