Societies and Wynberg CREATE:

Wynberg hosts an extensive range of societies, such as surfing, Muslim Students Association (MSA), bonsai, photography, sound & lighting, viticulture, Christian Students Association, acting association and the space society and first aid, to name but a few. These are all headed by teachers and a committee of boys, who ensure that the societies meet regularly to participate in activities to develop the members.

In addition to the societies, we have also launched our Wynberg CREATE programme, where boys can sign up for short courses from a wide range of activities such as computer game design; cooking; personal finance; music for non-musicians; carpentry and many more. These courses range from a 3-week course meeting for a couple of hours to 8-week Toastmasters public speaking courses. These provide opportunities for boys to develop new skills and participate in cultural activities amidst a busy schedule of academics, sports and service activities.