Serves as a reminder of the responsibility we all have to ensure that the school is able to provide a quality education for everyone. Respect is the key:

Respect that everyone has the right to learn.

Respect that everyone has the right to be treated with courtesy and tolerance.

Respect for the property of both the school and its members.

Dishonest, discourteous and disrespectful behaviour is not the Wynberg Way.

Admissions Information

Admissions Secretary’s Contact Details: 
Mrs Shireen van de Rheede
Wynberg Boys’ High School
Lovers Walk
Wynberg 7800

Phone: ++27 21 797 4247 ext 102

Fax: ++27 21 761 0959

E-mail: shireenv@wbhs.org.za

Admissions Downloads

Please remember that as well as submitting the Wynberg Application form with supporting documents to the school, applicants are requested to complete the WCED online process as well. 

This will be made available on 17 February 2020 at the following URL: https://admissions.westerncape.gov.za.  

The closing date for all applications for Grade 8 in 2021 (both directly to Wynberg and via WCED online process) is 17 March 2020.

Please click on a link below to access the application documents.