Subject head:

Mr Julian Taylor

Our approach to teaching Physical Sciences rest on three core principles: 

  1. Students must enjoy the subject 
  2. Students must be engaged with the material 
  3. Students must be prepared for further studies 

With these three guiding principles, we have developed an innovative new teaching strategy for our Grade 10 and 11 curriculum. Students are taught in modules by the members of the science department, cover three week blocks that cover the various component of the science curriculum. They are also allowed to choose two short elective modules during the year, where they may choose to learn about topics that go beyond the syllabus, such as astronomy, the science of cooking, computation physics and quantum mechanics.

In matric, the students are assigned to a teacher’s class, as they focus their preparation for their matric exams. Throughout the year, all science students sit in on lectures by outside experts in fields such as forensics and space weather.

Practical work is an important part of the Physical Sciences curriculum. We have prioritized a module on experimental science in Grade 10, where students get focussed hands-on time in the laboratory. Students also will conduct experiments regularly to support and enhance their understanding of scientific concepts.

Our newly formed Space Society helps students that are interested in topics in astronomy and space exploration get to attend courses as meet top experts in their fields.