Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.  ~ Albert Einstein 

Our goal, as a department, is to help boys develop an appreciation of mathematics and its profound relevance in many spheres of life. In class, we strive to motivate each boy to take up the challenge of improving his mathematical skills and deepening his understanding of the subject, in the hope that he will work towards realising the full potential of his mathematical ability. During the afternoon programmes, we provide opportunities for talented junior learners to extend themselves in an enrichment program and we offer specialised support to learners who are struggling.

We are currently enjoying the privilege of an innovative partnership between our Mathematics Department and the Epoch and Optima Trusts, which have granted the school funding to supplement the teaching of mathematics at Wynberg Boys’ High School. Current projects included under this banner are listed below.

  • Funding to enable the department to run the support and enrichment programmes mentioned above
  • Funding to provide laptops for mathematics teachers
  • Funding to provide two Teacher Learnership Programme interns
  • Professional development sessions for staff
  • Organising competitions between various schools in the interest of mathematics
  • Organising mathematical evenings for staff and learners from other schools in order to promote and develop further interest in mathematics
  • Equipping classrooms with data projectors and computers, in order to promote stimulation-rich teaching through the integration of various media into lessons