Head of isiXhosa:

Ms Bulelwa Mhlomi  




IsiXhosa is a very rich and deep language that is spoken by the majority of South Africans living in the Eastern Cape. It is also one of the official languages in the Western Cape Province. It is a Bantu language with click consonants and is a tonal language. Due to these clicks, it is regarded as the most difficult language to learn.

IsiXhosa is the language taught to learners who speaks Xhosa as a home language.  Instructions and learning is conducted in Xhosa. Language structure provides learners with an opportunity to learn, speak and write IsiXhosa to improve their language skills. IsiXhosa will also introduce them to the rich heritage and culture of the language.

We encourage that all boys who’s their home language is IsiXhosa to do it as their First Additional Language as this will put them in an advantageous position in terms of jobs.