Head of Information Technology:

Mrs P Naidoo        

“Teach boys how to code and you give them a skill for life.” – Prisci Naidoo

We live in a complex world, one in which technology plays a major role and more jobs require computer skills. IT involves both coding and computational skills, which is nurtured in our very creative and innovative classes. This is a necessity if you are to compete for the jobs of the future and live successfully in a world where technology will be integrated into every part of your personal and professional life. Learners are taught advanced computational skills – as well as all-important critical thinking abilities which will prepare them for a 21st century job.

Learners are taught to keep abreast of emerging new technologies and current trends for example “The Internet of Things”, Robotics and “Self- propelled vehicles.”  They become masters at design and specification of computers through our advanced theoretical programme.  Our students are taught to understand simple algorithms and how  to use programming languages like Delphi and Java to solve computational problems.

Software developers are the most highly sought after skills and jobs.  Wynberg provides a solid foundation to prepare learners to enter tertiary institutions and study careers in  Computer Science and Engineering faculties.

“ I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer – because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs