Head of History: Mr J Erasmus


Teachers: Mr M Joubert, Mr J Erasmus, Mrs K Swart, Mr M Melck, Mr P van Schalkwyk, Mr R Inglis

History is a dynamic, ever changing subject at Wynberg Boys High School. We have produced a fine set of results over the last several years. This success stems from the boys passion for History. The question many ask is why we study History? The answer we give is simple, in order to make sense of our world today it is important to study the past, everything around us today has been influenced by, and is a direct result of that which happened in the past. This makes History relevant to us. History at Wynberg is not purely about learning facts. It involves learning the skills of doing History, such as: analysis, critically thinking and decision making. Wynberg has an array of senior History teachers whom have the knowledge to make History relevant and exciting for each boy. Class discussions and debates are the backbone of our department and we welcome the boys to express their thoughts with respect and relevant evidence to support their argument