Head of Geography:

Mr A Groenewald



The central aim of the Geography department is to make the study of Geography worthwhile and relevant to the students. Geography creates a platform from which students are able to interpret, analyse and understand relationships which is happening in their everyday lives. Geography is linked to the natural phenomena occurring worldwide and provides students with the knowledge and understanding to reason why natural disasters and climatic changes occur. 

Thy Geography department feels it is important to be up to date with what is happening in the world around them on a global, regional and local scale. Through analysing news articles, videos, the internet and magazines, students are able to draw on their prior knowledge to reason and conceptualise what is happening in our society. 

Another aim of the Geography department is to develop basic skills such as maths, writing, reading and presenting. In the FET phase the students are encouraged to develop their IT skills through projects and class exercises, this will equip the students for life after school and allow them to become comfortable with using technology in the work place. 

Geography allows students to recognise spatial distributions and understand the complex connectivity of people and places. Furthermore it allows students make sensible decisions in relation to the physical environment and society. Geography creates a foundation from which students can understand global interdependence and become a holistic global citizen. 

Why study Geography? Geography is evident in everyday life and is a stepping stone for further studies in Biography, Climatology, Environmental Management, Urban Geography, Climate change issues, Land degradation, Conservation, Disaster risk management and Geomorphology. These are just a few options that students would be able to study after school.