Head of English: Ms J de Mink 


Ms J de Mink 

Mr C Moore 

Mrs J Wilson 

Mrs C Kendal 

Ms L Cleophus 

Mr N Makhathini 

Mr G Adlard 

Mr G Rudolph

Mr V Gildenhuys

“To produce boys who are literate, articulate and independent, critical thinkers; able to analyse and respond to any text and hold their own in any university humanities degree.” 

This is the aim of the English Department at Wynberg Boys’ High School. By creating a vibrant and exciting learning atmosphere and by maintaining a good working environment and disciplined work ethic, the English Department is striving to equip our young men with the means to understand the world around them and communicate effectively. 

From the scenes of great movies to the lyrics of great songs, English is influential in everyday life and the ability to analyse and interpret the world is a vital life skill. By ensuring that our Wynberg Men are well grounded in the English Language we are giving them the opportunity to excel at any tertiary educational institution around the world, thereby helping them to improve the world we live in. Wynberg Men leave with the skills that put them a head above the rest. 

Through careful selection of set workbooks and poetry, the English department ensures that the boys are exposed to challenging literature that is relevant but at the same time of a very high literary standard. 

Other things worthy of a mention in the English Department are: 

  • Our annual visit to Maynardville Open Air Theatre. This is usually a delightful evening out, where boys get to watch one of the current Shakespearean plays being studied, in the breath-taking natural setting of Cape Town’s historic open-air theatre.
  • The De Beers English Olympiad.  This is a joint initiative of the South African Council for English Education and the Grahamstown Foundation.  The themes and examinations are designed to encourage young people to develop and express valuable opinions as part of the conversation that is needed to build a nation of critical thinkers. 
  • Vocab Africa.  These 20-minute online tests have become a regular feature for our Grade 8s and 9s. They happen twice a term, during English lesson time. They are easily accessible, and all our junior boys are encouraged by their English teachers to participate. 
  • The Annual SACEE language challenge. The idea behind these tests is to provide educators and learners with an opportunity to participate in a National English Language Test which is not based on rote learning. By assessing our boys’ results against national norms, we are able to benchmark their academic performance, and over a period of years measure their progress against objective criteria.  
  • Annual English Competitions. These competitions have 3 categories – reading, writing, and speaking – and are further divided into junior and senior levels. They are open to any student and winners are announced at our Academic Prize Giving ceremony.