Electrical Technology - ELECTRONICS [Mr Thompson] 

Electronics introduces the learner to analogue electronics utilising mainly light current applications.

In Grade 10 the learner will be introduced to the principles of electricity and current flow. In Grade 11 the learner further explores discrete electronics through the examination of semiconductor devices and their various applications. The learner is introduced to instrumentation and how to use it to make measurements and subsequent conclusions based on observation. Towards Grade 12 the learner is introduced to integrated circuits and how simple circuits are combined to form more complex circuitry for the purpose of establishing communication and control.

A learner with Electrical Technology specialising in Electronics will be able to source solutions to problems using electronic applications and innovations made to existing circuits. The learner will be able to construct, test and commission electronic circuits. Such a learner will typically opt for a career as a technician in light current, instrumentation, communication and even the entertainment industry. To become an artisan a learner will opt for studies at an FET college, in conjunction to following an internship at a related industry. Further studies for a learner with the required subject combinations will enable him / her to progress towards becoming an electronic technician / technologist / engineer through a university.