Head of Economics:

Mike Engelbrecht  



Mike Engelbrecht  

Justin van Winkel 


What is Economics?

The boring definition is that it is a social science that studies how to satisfy unlimited wants with limited means. The reality is that Economics is a living subject in touch with contemporary issues and insights into the daily events reported in the news.    

How Economics can help you

In an emerging economy like South Africa, there is a high demand for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the brains behind new business ventures.  They create employment and raise the standard of living of economies.    Understanding the dynamics of markets and the behaviour consumers is vital to being a successful entrepreneur.  South Africa is part of the global economy and as such needs entrepreneurs that can compete with the best in the world.  The country needs to become the chosen destination in Africa for inward investment so that the country can overcome its socio-economic problems and provide a better future for all. The subject will enable you to understand your role in society better and enlighten you with regards to the career choices that can enable you to grow your wealth and contribute to society in general.   

Economics at Wynberg Boys’ High School

Wynberg Boys’ High School prides itself with the provision of extra learning resources to make understanding work easier for the students. The subject makes extensive use of technology to “flip the classroom” so that learners may enrich themselves from the comfort of their own homes.   The subject has arranged to overseas trips in the past 3 years:  The USA in 2015 and Europe and Britain in 2017.