Head of Economic and Management Sciences:

Justin van Winkel  



Justin van Winkel

Julian Vincent

Bernard Loots

Mika Zeeman 


Economic Management Sciences – which forms part of our Department of Commerce – is taught in Grades 8 and 9 and covers the fundamentals of both Economics and Accounting. Economics and Accounting are both vital subjects which open many job opportunities in the corporate world, and hence having EMS as a broad base of knowledge into the business world is extremely beneficial for learners, particularly those wishing to study Business degrees after school.  Half the year is spent learning pure economics eg demand and supply, international trade etc and the other half is spent learning about Accounting.  There is a wide array of online assessment materials that the learners can use to test themselves.  The Accounting module makes extensive use technology – learners are upskilled in advanced excel spreadsheet applications that makes the learning interactive.