Head of Academics :  Mr Ben Thompson 


Education is the most important activity in any society. Wynberg Boys’ High School recognises that the roles of all stakeholders in our school - learners, parents and staff are critical in ensuring the long-term security of this country. An outstanding learning infrastructure is paramount in achieving this and we recognise that the following components are vital: 

  • Effective and motivated educators 
  • Learners who understand the importance of education 
  • Exceptional facilities 
  • Parents and guardians who fully support the vision the school 


A teacher a WBHS will have considerable expectations placed upon them as our school moves forward towards its vision. These include adopting the most up-to-date teaching strategies into their daily classroom practice, using tablet technology and our learner management system to enhance the learning experience of all pupils, of being learners themselves taking charge of their own professional development and reflecting on how they can improve through self-evaluation. 


Very simply, our learners are the key to reaching our vision. In order to succeed they must take responsibility for their own learning. They must adopt a growth mindset that allows them to learn from their mistakes and to seek further challenges. They must have the belief that they can succeed through hard work and, with the full support of the school, they will do exactly that. 


We offer our students an outstanding physical environment in which to grow academically. There is wifi in every classroom, hall and corridor – students will need it as they all use tablets or laptops every day in their lessons. In addition there are two state-of-the-art IT labs, five science laboratories and a new English wing as part of the first phase in a major infrastructure upgrade. Our new classrooms are highly flexible spaces with custom built desks that we designed ourselves that can be grouped in many shapes – lines, curves, circles and triangles – whatever configuration best serves the task at hand. We have doubled the normal window coverage to follow the modern classroom design mantra of being visually open whilst retaining acoustic privacy. We have a test-classroom where new methodologies and technology can be tried out, a sound studio where learners and more importantly pupils can record instructional videos for their subjects, there is a 3D printing suite and much more. 

An entire new technical facility has been given approval to be built that is currently in the design phase. Using a specialist architect in modern school design it will house subjects such as electronic engineering and will have facilities such as a Visual Arts gallery space, an open air Life Sciences laboratory and hopefully even an observatory for Physical Sciences.